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champagne_icons's Journal

Miss Daydream's Icons...

Champagne Supernova....
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This is a personal graphics journal owned
by miss__daydream. I'll be posting icons (mainly),
headers and other graphics, for the public use. This is a community but
I'm the only member (since I'm the only one who posts). Everything is
public, so just add the community to your friends list to keep up with updates.

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[x] If you're going to use anything, comment and let me know what you're
taking, in order to know the style you like, so I keep doing more of those.

[x] Credit for icons should be placed in your icon keywords or icon
comment. Just add whether "champagne_icons" or "miss__daydream". Any other
graphics must be credited in your userinfo. If you don't know how to credit just ask, please.

[x] Don't edit anything that I've made. Textless icons are NOT bases,
I rarely post bases, so NOTHING should be modified.

[x] Don't direct-link off of my server. Get your own
account at Photobucket.

[x] Don't post my graphics at other places and claim them as your
own. Don't redistribute them on any other website without my permission.

[x] Award nominations are great but please let me know which
icon you're nominating and where.

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I use brushes by
crazy_perfume, sistasouljah99, rhapsody_iv, xg0newiththesin, luridmuse, neversince, withaghost, teh_indy, inside

Gradients by

hooksprincess, ragingquietly, hotoko

Header by colormered_cons

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah, I love icon contests, I keep my awards here